Various Certifications & Applications (Official Notification)

1 Student ID Card

Your Student ID is important when you need to prove that you are a student at Okayama University. It will be delivered to you at the time of enrollment. Please always carry it and keep it carefully so that it will not be lost or damaged.
Please note that our college student ID card includes an IC function and a magnetic stripe function.

Function of Student ID card

  1. Identification
  2. IC Function
    Admission to The University Library and book-lending system, registration at periodic medical examinations, entrance to university buildings and rooms, attendance management in classes etc
  3. Magnetic Stripe / Swipe Function
    Use for entrance to university buildings and rooms
  4. This is your membership card for Okayama University Co-op shops and restaurants Use the IC function for Co-op electronic money ' momoca ', meal card, and co-op points.

NB: -

  1. Please be sure to present it when you take regular exams at this university.
  2. You can not lend it or transfer it to another person.
  3. On graduation, completion, withdrawal, removal, or any other conclusion or cancellation of your student status, please return it immediately to the undergraduate / graduate school office of your department.
  4. In case of loss / theft or damage, please promptly apply for your ID card to be reissued.
  5. When purchasing tickets on public transport for commuting, submit your student ID Card to the ticket vendor for a ticket discounted to student prices.
  6. Be sure to carry your student ID Card whenever you board any means of public transport using your regular commuter pass or other student discount ticket. Present it whenever an attendant requests it.
  7. It is possible to damage the IC and magnetic stripe / swipe function, so please handle your ID Card carefully.


For reissue of student ID card, please make the following application: -

  • Loss / Theft / Magnetic Swipe Strip Fault / IC Fault
    Please apply for reissue promptly. For details,please check the Student Card information on the Homepage .
  • When the expiration date has past
    If the expiration date on your card has past, any student who continues to be enrolled in the same undergraduate or graduate school will be issued with a new student ID card. We will inform you about the issue start date, student office or counter, on the bulletin board.

Contact point for student ID Cards

Planning Division Education Support Group, General Education Building A, 2nd Fl.
(Students belonging to the Shikata district and night course should contact the Academic Affairs and Student Office in their own department or graduate school.)

2 Password Notification

You will be sent a 'Password Notification' stating your 'Okayama University ID' ('Okadai ID') and password. You need these whenever you log on to your university computer account using university computers.
Using the automatic certificate issuing machine, installed at the university, you can enter your Okadai ID and password to issue yourself with discount certificates or various other certifications.
Please keep your password notice information carefully because it will be used to identify you even in classes.
※ If you lose your Okadai ID and password, please promptly inform the Center for Information Technology and Management.

3 Issuance of Certificates

Certificate Type and Issuance Procedure

There are some certificates that can be issued immediately using the automatic certificate issuing machine, and some that can only be obtained at your Academic Affairs and Student Office, or other appropriate counter.
Certificates that require application to any appropriate counter (ie: not automatically), can not be issued immediately.Depending on the certificate, it may take about one week to issue, so please allow sufficient time to obtain these certificates.

Certificate type Counter; Office Use & Remarks
Student Passenger Discount Certificate Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine
  • JR will discount any ordinary fare ticket exceeding 100 km each way by 20%.
  • JR will provide discounts for the following categories of travel: returning home, official courses, official extracurricular activities and employment tests.
  • The expiration date is 3 months from issue date.
Certificate of Commuting to School Center for Student Support Necessary for commuter pass ticket purchase.
Issued immediately on application.
Certificate for travel to official teaching practice / other practice. Center for Student Support Necessary for purchasing travel tickets to commute during any practical courses outside the university.It takes about two to three weeks from application to issue.
Certificate of Student Group Discount Center for Student Support For the use of students traveling in a group to activities outside the university. Please bring your own application form.
Academic Transcript Certificate Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine This information can be confirmed on the Web, so please do not use the Automatic Certificate Machine unless you need the certificate.
Certificate of Enrollment Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine
Certificate of Graduation / Certificate of Completion Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine Only for undergraduate / graduate students in their final year.
Certificate of Degree Conferral Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine Only for graduate students in their final year
Certificate of Health Check Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine You can publish from the end of May until the end of March only within the year that you took medical examination.
For details, please check at the Health Service Center counter or Okayama University Website.
Results of Health Check Health Service Center Only for students who have undergone an official health check in the relevant year.

Using the Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Your Okayama University ID ('Okadai ID') and password are necessary to use this machine.

NB: -

Depending on the documentation required for your certificate, and your undergraduate department or graduate school policy, the machine may refuse to issue a certificate. In such cases, the machine may say ‘Outside the certificate issue period’, or, ‘There is no corresponding data on the results register DB’ (Data Base). If the machine shows such messages, please contact the appropriate undergraduate or graduate Academic Affairs and Student Office Counter (Student Discount Certificates are available at the Tsushima campus in the School Affairs Department, Student Support Division, and at the Shikata Campus, from the Academic Affairs Group and Student Office appropriate to your Graduate School or undergraduate faculty)

Location of Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Tsushima Campus
  • General Education Building A, 1st Fl.'Waku2 Square1'
  • Faculty of / Letters / Law / Economics Building No. 1 'Refresh Room'
  • Faculty of Education Lecture Building, Entrance Hall
  • Opposite the Faculty of Science Office in the Career Information Corner, Faculty of Science, Main Building, 1st Fl.
  • University Union, South Campus Welfare Facility (Peach Union) 1st Fl.
Shikata Campus
  • Faculty of Medical School Administration Office Building, 1st Fl.

4 Leave of Absence / Withdrawal / Study Abroad.

University permission is required by student application for the following: - leave of absence, return to school, withdrawal, study abroad, transfer of faculty, transfer of department, change of maiden name. The procedure may be complicated, so please contact the Academic Affairs and Student Office appropriate to your faculty as soon as possible to enquire about details of procedure, method etc.
It is not possible to change dates for these applications once they have been initiated.

5 Change of Name, Address.

Change of Address ・ Change of Billing Details (Addressee) for Tuition Fee Payment ・Change of Guarantors

If there is a change in any of your relevant addresses, contact information (phone numbers, e-mails etc) or your home contact address, please promptly enter the changed details into the academic system.
If there is a change in the billing details for your tuition fee payments or your guarantor, please notify it to your departmental or graduate school accounting office.

Changed Name ・ Change of Country of Permanent Residence (Domicile)

If you have changed your name and/or domicile, fill in the prescribed form and submit it to the Academic Affairs and Student Office of your faculty or graduate school.
In addition, if you have notified us of the changed name, we will issue a new student card with the new name, and will contact you from the Academic Affairs Department, Planning Division (Application for a new student ID Card is unnecessary).

6 Parking Permit for Cars, Motorcycles.

Automobiles, motorcycles and motorized bicycles (hereinafter referred to as 'vehicles'). You need an entry permission for a parking permit. Vehicles that do not have parking permits can not enter the university campus. Violating vehicles will be clamped. For permit applications, please consult the Health & Safety Department, Safety Management Division (University Administrative Center Building, 3rd Fl.).

7 Notification of Theft, Lost & Found

Please be aware of the possibility of theft or any related damage. Be sure to promptly report theft or deliver any lost and found items to the Academic Affairs Group and Student Office Counter in your faculty or graduate school or the Academic Affairs Department, Planning Division. Please deliver wallets or cash to the Center for Student Support, promptly.

8 Student Performance in an Event on Campus or Outside the University

≪On Campus≫

Prior to the event, please notify the relevant department that manages the site of the event and obtain permission for the event.

≪Outside the University≫

Please notify the appropriate undergraduate faculty or graduate school related to the student organization that will conduct the event and get permission to hold it.

* Student Club Circles
Please notify and obtain permission from the Center for Student Support (Tsushima Campus) or the Graduate School of Medicine Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Academic Affairs and Student Office (Shikata Campus).