Study abroad ・ International Student Share House

Study Abroad

1. Okayama University Short Term Study Abroad Program ( EPOK )

Okayama University is recruiting students to be sent on its Short Term Study Abroad Program (EPOK). As of November, 2017, 44 universities in 14 countries are cooperating in non-fee sharing student exchange in the EPOK Program.
Terms of dispatch are announced annually in July. The terms and conditions are distributed by Global Partners, including their homepage.

* The Student Consultation Room, where previous participants discuss the program with you started in October 2014.

    EPOK Student Consultation
  • Opening Dates and times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 17 : 00 ~ 18 : 30 every week
  • Place: WAWA Room (General Education Building C, 1st Fl.)
Schedule for Study Abroad
【Pattern 1; Fall entrance; Departure from summer to autumn】 From Nov. 2016 to the present

【Pattern 2; Spring entrance; Spring departure】As of February 2018

2. Language training (Summer; Spring School) ・ Cross-Cultural Experience Program

At Okayama University, we are planning and implementing language training (Summer Spring School) at universities in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Ireland, during the summer and spring vacations. Also, for first-time travellers, we conduct a one-week cross-cultural experience program in Singapore.

Application guidelines. are announced in April and October of the same year .The terms and conditions are distributed by Global Partners, including the Global Partners website.

※ For details of EPOK and language training, please refer to 'Recommended Overseas Study', issued by Global Partners.

Okayama University's Main Study Abroad Program 705 students studied abroad in 2016

Exchange Studies
  • Okayama University Short-Term Study Abroad Program EPOK: Exchange Program Okayama
Institutions All faculties and graduate schools 44 universities in 14 countries with overseas student exchange agreements. Biannual recruitment, spring and fall sessions. Study period: 6 months to 1 year.
Global partners
  • Campus ・ Asia long-term dispatch
Institutions All faculties and graduate schools Okayama University &: Jilin University, China; Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. (3 School Campus Asia Program). Study period: 6 months to 1 year.
Global partners
  • Each faculty / graduate school's own exchange program
Institutions Faculties and graduate schools Individual exchange programs with each contracting faculty or graduate school.
Language training, overseas programs, etc.
  • Language Training ・ Summer / Spring School
Institutions All faculties and graduate schools Students use summer and spring vacations to improve their language skills and experience different cultures. In addition to intensive English program at language schools attached to overseas universities, we also offer practical programs such as environmental and agricultural training.
Global partners
  • Cross-Cultural Experience Program
Institutions All faculties and graduate schools An ultra short-term program for first-time travellers to be held in Singapore with the aim of acquiring skills for living abroad.
Global partners
  • Campus Asia Short-Term Dispatch
  • Japan-China-Korea Study Abroad Workshop
  • Language / Cultural Training
Institutions All faculties and graduate schools Short term visit to China and Korea, study history, economy and society locally, and exchange with students of contracting schools.
In addition, short-term Chinese / Korean language and culture training programs.
Global partners
  • Overseas Seminars & Training
Institutions Faculties and graduate schools Overseas seminars and training at each faculty / graduate school. 'Medical Research Internship (MRI)', School of Medicine; 'Dental Exchange International Program (ODAPUS)', School of Dentistry.

Main scholarship system for study abroad

Scholarship name Amount payable Main application conditions 【Application period】
  • Okayama University International Exchange Foundation (Overseas Student Support Project, Dispatch)
    An Okayama University grant type scholarship system. EPOK is first, then other faculties or graduate schools. For students who participate in a student exchange program or language study.
\30,000 - \50,000 (Varies according to region) Not available to students simultaneously receiving other scholarship funds. 【Twice annually, April-June and December - January】
  • Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Overseas Study Abroad Support System
    A scholarship system (grant type) implemented by JASSO. Both graduate school dispatch and acquisition type applications available for each program.
\60,000 - \100,000 per month Those with adequate results and means criteria.
Japanese nationals or permanent residents.
Period of study: from 8 days to 12 months.
【Selection is by application to the program】
  • 'Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN
    Japan representative program Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JASSO is a public-private partnership collaboration, launched in 2013. Provides grant-type scholarships through donation from supporting companies / organizations.
① Scholarship: \60,000 - \160,000 yen per month (Depending on region, means test) ② Preparations: \150,000 - \250,000 (Part of round-trip travel expenses)
③ Tuition: \300,000 yen per year (upper limit)
Japanese nationals or permanent residents.
Period of study: from 28 days to 24 months.
[Twice a year (quarters 1 & 2; quarters 3 & 4)]
  • Local government scholarships; private scholarships
    Scholarships undertaken by local governments, private companies / organizations, international exchange associations. Most of them are grants, but some loans are also available.
JASSO 'Overseas Study Abroad Support Site'
See: http://ryugaku.jasso.go.jp/scholarship/
  • Foreign Government Scholarship
    A system whereby a foreign government or government-affiliated organization provides scholarships to Japanese who wish to study at a higher education institution in that country. Tuition fees. are exempted and scholarships are paid.

3. Language Proficiency Examinations

A pre-requisite for EPOK applicants is to take either the TOEFL or IELTS English test.


Consultation for study abroad to Global Partners' Study Exchange Division!
Location: General Education Building C, 1st Fl. Opening hours 8: 30 - 17 : 00

Scholarship / Study Abroad Noticeboard
Location: General Education Building B, 1st Fl. and noticeboard of each faculty / graduate school

Okayama University International Student Share House

In March, 2016, the Okayama University International Student Share House, (mixed accommodation), was completed.
It is a dormitory. It was established with the aim of cultivating an international sensibility amongst foreign and Japanese students in their daily lives, while exchanging foreign language, culture and lifestyle
Each unit contains four private dormitory rooms with a shared common area to allow natural exchange.
Selection of Japanese students will be conducted by document review and interview. Application guidelines and application forms will be distributed by Global Partners and posted on the Global Partners website.

Recruitment Schedule for Japanese residents (Proposed)

  • December recruitment, January tenant decision

Facility Overview

Address: 700-0084 Okayama City Kita-ku, Tsushima, Kuwanokicho 6-22
Rent (including internet usage fee): \ 23,000 per month
※ Admission fee: \30,000
※ In addition to the rent,utility fees will be charged.
※Each unit is responsible for their own utility fees, so they must calculate the actual expenses for the fee, and the tenants must divide payment between themselves.
Tenancy period: from March 25th to March 15th next year

Living Facilities
Residential classification Sex Number of rooms Floor area Floor level
International student, single use, (mixed type) Male / female 30 Units
* 1 unit, 4 people
1 Japanese / 3 foreign students
LDK 29.6㎡
Private room 7.9㎡
1st - 5th floors
Common facilities
Shared space (1st Floor) Administration Room, Storage, Entrance Room, Mailbox
(Each floor) Open corridor, stairs

Equipment in unit

  1. Shared space
    Shoes cupboard at entrance, curtain, air conditioner, shower room, washroom, western-style toilet (washlet-type), kitchen facilities (sink, wall-mounted kitchen cupboard, IH cooker), crockery cupboard, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, dining table (4 chairs), TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, washing line (veranda), Wi-Fi equipment, flashlight
  2. Private rooms
    Desk, chair, closet, bed (single), curtain, combined air conditioner / heater, internet connection, Wi-Fi available

* Please prepare your own bedding.

Okayama University International Student Share House LDK(29.6㎡)Private room(7.9㎡)