Various Regulations

1 Okayama University General Regulations

Section 1 Student ID Card

 (Personal Possession)
Article 1 Students must carry a student card at all times. 
Article 2 At any time, student cards must be produced for inspection at the request of a staff member of Okayama University (hereinafter referred to as 'the University').
Article 3 On termination of student status at the University due to any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, graduation, withdrawal, cancellation, etc, the student ID card shall immediately be returned.
Article 4 If student ID cards are lost, become dirty or expire, reissue must be obtained.

Section 2 Changes in Status

  (Notification of residential address, contact person, etc.)
Article 5 At the beginning of each academic year, students shall notify the dean of the faculty to which they belong, of their home address and address of relatives or alternate contacts.
2 Changes of residential address, contact persons or other such concrete change, must be notified to the head of the undergraduate department promptly on each such occasion.

Section 3 Clothing

Article 6 Students must always dress smartly at the University.

Section 4 Health Checkups

 (Certificate of Health Check)
Article 7 Students must receive medical examinations, that are administered by the University, at least once a year.

Section 5 Absence

Article 8 When a student is absent for more than seven consecutive days in case of illness, it is necessary to notify the dean of their faculty immediately, attaching a doctor's certificate to their medical report; in other cases, a statement of cause must be attached .

Section 6 Organizations, Meetings, etc.

 (Establishment of Campus Organizations)
Article 9 Student organizations within campus shall hereinafter be referred to as 'campus organizations'. It is necessary to notify the dean of faculty in the prescribed manner, whenever campus organizations are established.。
2  The same duty to inform the dean of faculty exists regarding any changes in the constitution or articles of campus organizations, or if a campus organization intends to join any organization outside campus.
Article 10 When students intend to meet on campus, the person(s) responsible for the meeting must make notification, in the prescribed manner, 2 days in advance of the day fixed for the meeting and as follows. Notification must be made to the appropriate dean of faculty where the student membership of the meeting is restricted to one faculty. However, in all cases where the student membership consists of students from more than one faculty, notification must be made to the President of the University.
 (Reservation of University Facilities for Meetings)
Article 11 When students intend to use any University facility, such as classrooms, gymnasia, etc., for gatherings, meetings, etc., the person(s) responsible for the meeting must request permission to use such facility or facilities. Such permission must be received at least 2 days prior to the day fixed for the meeting.
 (Invitation of Persons from Outside the University)
Article 12 When students intend to invite special instructors, lecturers, coaches, etc., from outside the University, or when outside organizations or persons intend to attend meetings or collaborate in meetings within the University, the person(s) responsible for the meeting must request the President's permission for such invitation, attendance or collaboration. Such permission must be received at least 5 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting.

Section 7 Posting and Distribution of Printed Matter

  (Posting, Printed Matter, etc.)
Article 13 Students must inform the appropriate dean of faculty in the prescribed manner, and in advance of such activities, if they wish to use campus premises to make postings or distribute printed matter.
 (Events Outside Campus)
Article 14 When a student intends to conduct an event outside the University using the name of the University or any University Faculty or, to make postings or distribute flyers using the name of the University or any University Faculty, permission must first be obtained from the President of the University. In addition, when a campus organization intends to conduct an event outside the campus, it shall inform the President in the prescribed manner and in advance.

Section 8 Miscellaneous Provisions

 (Prohibited Behavior)
Article 15 The University reserves the right to prohibit any behavior by students or student organizations that it deems to be harmful to the functions of the University, or to disturb the order of the University, or to infringe upon the legitimate activities of any student or students of the University.
 (Mutatis Mutandis Application of Regulations)
Article 16 These regulations shall also apply to any person conducting their studies at the University, including, but not limited to, students of subjects or courses, auditing students, special auditing students, special attendance students, major students, research students and scholarship students.
   Additional Clause
 This regulation will come into force as of April 1, 2004.

2 General Faculty Regulations Manual

Section 1 Student ID Cards

1.1 All matters relating to student ID cards will be determined on a case by case basis.

Section 2 Health Check

2.1 All applications for certificates of medical examination results must be made through the dean of faculty to the Health Service Center.

Section 3 Organizations / Meetings

3. 1 When establishing a campus organization, three responsible representatives (limited only to students of the University) and one advisor who is a faculty member (professors, associate professors, lecturers or assistants of any undergraduate department) must sign the notification of establishment. This notification form must be renewed on the last day of May every year and delivered to the President of the University. Any organization that has not duly notified the President shall be deemed to have been dissolved.
  2 In some cases, the meeting venue entered on a meeting notification may later be changed on submission of a room or building reservation form.
  3 For normal uses of venues, provided that the purpose of using the venue remains the same as the previously stated purpose, notification is not required for a change of venue.
  4 University facilities can only be used as meeting venues etc. until 17:30 from April 1 to September 30 and until 17:00 from October 1 to March 31.However, the above hours shall not apply in cases where it is deemed necessary to ignore them.
  5 Any person who has obtained permission to use a facility as a meeting venue shall assume full responsibility for matters arising from the meeting.。
  6 Meetings shall be conducted so as not to interfere with lectures and other school events.

Section 4 Posting / Distribution of Printed Matter etc.

4.1 The following matters are to be observed when making postings or distributing flyers.
   (A) All flyers and posters must clearly specify the faculty, affiliated department and name of the responsible person, together with the official seal of the President or the dean of the appropriate faculty.
   (B) In principle, the bulletin period shall be limited to one week
   (C) Where deemed necessary, there shall be no posting other than in the prescribed places. Where posting has not been deemed necessary to be restricted to prescribed places, place of posting is unlimited.
   (D) In principle, the maximum size of posters on the bulletin board shall be limited to B3 size (1 large newspaper page).
   (E) Responsible persons shall promptly remove all postings that have exceeded their designated term.
   (F) Any items in breach of the above may be subject to withdrawal and forfeiture.

 2 This section includes all acts relating to bulletins, the distribution of printed matter and / or all other goods, signboards or placards, the use of signs, decorations, demonstrations, petitions, voting, surveys, recruitment, use of megaphones or any other public address system or loudspeakers or other such acts.
 3 Persons responsible for petitions, voting and surveys must report the results to the President or dean of faculty who was originally notified of the activity.

 4 With regard to Article 13 above, the person(s) responsible for acts involving the receipt of money in particular, except in the case of commercial activity, shall submit a statement of income and expenditure to the President or dean of faculty who was notified of the activity.
   Additional Clause
 This manual shall come into force as of April 1, 2004.
   Additional Clause
 This manual shall come into force as from April 1, 2013.