Award Systems and Punishment

1 Award Systems

Okayama University has the following award systems.

Okayama University Award of Excellence in Academic Achievement

This system awards excellent students in academic achievements with an aim to improve learning motivation and to contribute to the enhancement of academic levels of this university.
We award exceptionally excellent freshmen and juniors recommended by faculties, schools, the Matching Program Course, or the Institute of Global Human Resource Development (freshmen to fifth-year students for the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical School, the Dental School, and the Department & Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences). The award ceremony is held in April.

Okayama University Kokusho Award

Okayama University Kokusho Award was established in memory of Iwao Kokusho, who made a great contribution in the founding of Okayama University. We confer this award on excellent undergraduate students, both for academic achievements and integrity upon recommendation by each dean.

Student Sports Award

We award individuals or groups who are acknowledged to have achieved excellent performance or activity results in students’ extracurricular sports activities.
(1) International Sports Award (2) Sports Excellence Award (3) Sports Contribution Award

Cultural Incentive Award

We award individuals or groups who are recognized to have performed excellent achievements in extracurricular cultural activities.

2 Punishment

It goes without saying that students are subject to the punishment of the law when they commit crimes or fraud just like ordinary members of society. Other than this, the University views discipline and punishment from an educational perspective.

Kinds of discipline or punishment

1 withdrawal: depriving the student of their status
2 suspension: suspending attendance at university for a certain period of time
3 admonition: giving a written caution and warning about the future